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Computer maintainence and repair.

 currently i am in the middleschool computer lab searching for temporary files to delete and the computer won't let me delete them!!! actually, i am working on two computers at once... computer one and two... and i'm typing on computer two!

love yall...... (as friends)

my life sucks, that's why i talk to you people... you cheer me up!! 


cool, while here in the middle school lab, i can post two posts at once while i'm at two different computers !!!  i mean,how cool is that??!?


true friendship

Are you still searching for your true friend? I have a group of friends that have been tried and have proved to be true at this point in time. I find that no one can truly be trusted unless they are able to empathize with any situation that their friends are in. Not more than a few minutes ago, I have had to empathize with a friend. she had a breakdown due to her overzealous boyfriend from Amanda, Ohio who broke up with her for no reason what so ever! I mean, what an adenine imbecile! Anyway, only a truly empathic friend who had gone through a similar situation and knows what it's like could relate and give her advice. and I was the one who she came to to help her.

one hit wonders

 im on this song trip and im lookin for some good one hit wonders, anyone got any suggestions???

so, does anyone here watch the singing bee, or the biggest loser? I do. I love both shows. the singing bee lets me have a chance to find songs that i think i might like, and look them up. I love the biggest loser because my mother watches it and seeing the success stories gives me courage to deal with my own weight loss battle. I wouldn't exactly say that I'm obese, but i'm not a skinny minnie either. I have decided to dedicate myself to proper weight loss, especially since I hate people who have eating disorders. It just makes me sad to see them. 


here we go!! i have finally come up with something to submit to my fave magazine: Teen Ink! its a writers magazine that was created by teens for teens!

Eastside Family Night

Friday night was family night at ECM. We went to a place called McDonnalds Farm..."old McDonnald had a FARM EIEIO" hahaha. Anywho, there was a corn maze that my friends and I went through. We did this last year, and last year's maze was a jack-o-lantern. This year it was in the shape of a john deere tracter! There was also a petting zoo, hay rides, and a huge wiener roast! I was sooo happy!


my trip to Fallingwater

This is about my trip to Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

    The scenery on the way to Fallingwater, as well as the way back, was absolutely enchanting. We went through the West Virginia Hole-In-The-Wall twice. It's the fastest way to Pennsylvania from Ohio. The bus left the school at 7:00 a.m., a whole hour before I have to be in Homeroom! I was so tired that I had 5 sticks of caffine gum in my mouth! That's the equivalent of two nad a half cups of coffee! We didn't make a rest stop until we got to Bentlyville, Pennsylvania!

  When we finally got to Fallingwater, the tour guides split us up into two groups. I was in a group with a kid called Brian, and my friend Sivaun (pronounced chivon). We explored the house and it was amazing. you couldn't touch anything in the house but the floors and stone. The terraces were amazing as the view was. The waterfall was beautiful. I was totally enchanted. My teacher, Mr. Waite, took my last photograph of Sivaun and I doing hero poses infront of the amazing house and waterfall at the viewpoint. I bought a small tinkerbell charm in the museum shop to remind me of how magical my trip was. 


books and movies

I was in homeroom today and we started talking about the entire homeroom class reading the same book. I suggested that we read books based on movies (or vice versa) that we have seen. the teacher loved the idea. I guess that I really do have a genius somewhere in this small brain of mine. 

I really miss having someone to talk to on here. If only someone would e-mail me or post a journal to me, I might be a little more happy.

Any who, I can't wait until tomorrow! I get to go to Mill Runn Pennsylvania with my architecture class to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater! yippie! A three hour drive there on a school bus, an hour and a half tour of the house, and another three hour ride back. We leave early in the morning, almost as soon as I arrive at the school, and get back right around five thirty to six p.m. wow! I really can't wait!