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Hello XD 
 my name is Miranda, but ppl cal me Mandi.
you can choose what to call me, i don't care.
here is some information about me and some penpelling questions ppl may want to know about me. comment on this if u want to be my penpal.

I am 16 years old, and live with my mother and younger brother.
We live in Zanesville, Ohio, USA; We aren't rich or well-to-do, but we aren't dirt poor either. We are drowning in bills. 
I am in my Junior year in Maysville High School (the best, most caring public school in the area!!!).  Anyway, here are some penpal questions:

1)How long have you been penpaling?
I have never had a penpal before, other than family, and wolud love to have one.

2)how many penpals do you want?
As many as I can get, but only one or two for now

3)How long on average are your letters?
usually two and a half pages, front to back.

4)Male or Female?
I don't care

5)How old?
Anywhere between 14 and 27

6)where from?
Anywhere but ohio

7)Snail mail or E-mail?
I prefer snail mail, but we can start out with e-mail

One thing that I require in a penpal is that you have to be interesting, and like to talk about anything and everything and have a strong opinion about nothing in particular!!! XD please contact me if you like what i post!!!



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