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third wheels

Have you ever had a third wheel on your date one day and wound up someone else's third wheel in the same weekend?
God, I know what it feels like. This weekened was stressful. I went to Maysville's Homecoming Dance saturday with my friend Jamie as my date. My friend Charli met us at the door. She was our third wheel. I got pictures of Jamie and me at the dance that are waiing to be developed and some that aer going to be delivered to my house from the professional photographers at the dance. I am a true friend to Charli and hated to see her without a date, so I shared Jamie, which he didn't seem to mind one bit. 
Saturday I was the third wheel.I probably wound up ruining my best friend Jamie's day.(total different Jamie than my date) S he brought her boyfriend over for a few hours to hang out for a while. Sadly I was being a sour puss and clammed up into the anti-social bitch that I am. I was just jealous that she had someone to hold her tight like that and I was ao lonely. No boyfriend what-so -ever. God I feel like such a B-I-T-C-H!!!